Deep heritage

Arabian Oud marks the largest Middle Eastern fragrance house in the world since opening our doors in 1982 in the traditional former marketplace of Riyadh, Souk al-Azal, with an objective to source one of the rarest scents, Oud, which has served Middle Eastern perfumery for centuries. A renowned brand formulating unconventional fragrances, incense and oils of the finest quality. 

Today, Arabian Oud holds a dashing collection of 400 distinctive products, conducting 1200 stores spread over 37 countries. With more than forty years’ experience of immersing our audience in the realm of heritage, fusing both traditional and modern practices, we continue our service to author the story of Oud.


A conscientious passion

Our collection of sophisticated formulations echoes back to our understanding of Oud since opening our doors. Our oud resin creates the unforgettable signature fragrance that greets every customer visiting our stores. With its combination of olfactory power and unique natural fragrance, this ingredient is considered as the key component of the perfumer’s palette and with its nuanced tones, lends a profound history for us.

Reaching out to customers across the globe

Our signature stores thrive in cities such as Paris, Dubai, Milano, Madrid, Nice, Berlin, New York, Kuala Lumpur and London.


Enriching customers

Aromatic preferences are highly personal. Each Arabian Oud scent is a journey of memory, mood, occasion and palate — a sincere expression of the Middle East. Each ingredient is sourced from the most reputable suppliers across the globe. Our wealth of knowledge in the art of Oud and perfumery lends our creations a universal, timeless quality that is enjoyed among global audiences. Impeccable scents accompanied by sophisticated designs, tailored for diverse tastes, different seasons and geographies. Thoughtful formulations that are meant for everyday living, to enrich the lifestyle of our clients.


The creative process

The fusion of tradition and modernity is at the heart of Arabian Oud. The founder, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Jasir, took the novel approach of blending the redolent scent of Oud with conventional notes from the fragrance family.