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Oud Elite newest product, Al-Sumou perfume. With completely different aromatic ingredients, for an attention-grabbing presence.

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For Him

Elite Oud
Attractive oud with touches of roses
Luxurious lavender and enchanting vanilla
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Enjoy the refreshing citrus blends, the spicy, woody scents and the welcoming, oriental tones of our unisex fragrances

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For Her

Couture Gold
Natural scent of rose
Elite Rose
The allure of amber and the elegance of patchouli
All fragrances for her

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Combining luxury and authenticity

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Oud Mood

Classic oud for an exceptional fragrance


Mabsoos Mixture of Kings

Distinguished by the luxury of its ingredients, including oud
oil and roses


Gold Pure Black

Aromatic tones of jasmine and iris

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