Return Policy

In case you want to make a refund request for your shipment

Surely, you are able to make retrieving request to returns items as long as the shipment in good condition without any damage or defective and you can return your product through contact our toll free-number: 800683 / 0097143881990 (Ext: 201)

WhatsApp Number: 00971508990424


That within 7 days, from the date of receipt the shipment.

When the client wants to return one product or more after receiving the order, customer should pay 17 AED for shipping cost and in case that items return to Oud Elite through a shipping company, will be add other 17 AED for shipping return and will deduct these amount from customer’s return money or to keep the amount of order in your balance in the store to use it in the next time.

Return Policy Guide