About Oud Elite

Oud Elite launched its business from the city of Riyadh in 2007 AD, with a creative vision that relies on knowledge and experience in the fields of perfumes, and this accelerated the pace of expansion in all Saudi regions, then the capitals of the Arab Gulf states, reaching 340 branches, offering the finest original perfumes. Its factory specializes in the production of international perfumes, and with each new fragrance, customers' confidence increases, and it sets new ambitions. For sure... There is a passion for individuality and excellence in humans, we create it in a special fragrance, relying on vision and creativity. So... OUD ELITE understands your needs and has the ability to spread the passion around you in lodging and traveling.

A perfume for your distinguished presence.. Which splendor would you choose?

Every perfume has a story, you and your perfume are inseparable in solution and travel, you see its wonderful effect around you, and your perfume bears witness to you, acknowledging your fine taste, in your feat choice, so “Oud Elite” has prepared for you a variety of scents and perfumes that meet all feelings, based on its composition and manufacture by experts.

We did not gain the satisfaction of our customers in Oud Elite out of the blue, as we have always sought to update and develop in the world of perfumes at the level of international and local brands.. so you have at your fingertips a bouquet of the most luxurious perfumes that suit the tastes of Oud Elite lovers.

Professionalism and innovation

Our greatest direction as we launch this national investment edifice that started from the city of Riyadh, the capital of the global economy, is to assure you of the size of the achievement that the perfume sector has absorbed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and how the great demand for our products has obligated us to launch hundreds of branches in the Kingdom and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. , which is an affirmation of the capabilities of the work team in Oud Elite, who were able to complete the work with professionalism and innovation until this company became full of sight, since 2007 AD until now the number of our branches has reached 340 branches, offering the finest perfumes, providing them with products wherever they are, and reflecting what the senior management pursues Creative scientific strategies and directions to support the national economy.

Perfume shines on the podium

With this creative thought and well-studied strategy, "Oud Elite" was able to prepare a variety of packages of distinct perfumes, which are appreciated and passionate by customers. Therefore, the concerned institutions and experts have paid attention to the size of the presence and brilliance of "Oud Elite", and it won many major awards, including the "Best Award" within The 100 most popular brands for the year 2014 AD, and the same award in 2015 AD at the level of the Kingdom, and the award for the best oriental perfume at the Perfume Oscar ceremony for (Oud Mood ) in 2014 AD, and two awards at the Perfume Oscar ceremony in 2015 AD for the perfume ( Mashaer ) as the best Arab perfume by audience vote And ( Kano ) perfume as the best Arab perfume with the vote of the jury. Oud Elite also won two awards at the Perfume Oscars 2016 for perfume ( Gold Pure Black ) and perfume ( Layali ) .), and ( Gold Pure Black ) perfume won the award for the most popular Arab perfume, while ( Layali ) perfume won the award for the favorite Arab women’s perfume, and the year 2017 witnessed the latest awards when the two perfumes (Rosé Noir) and (Couttier) won the “Oscar of Perfume ” award. For the year 2017 AD, which is one of the most important awards granted to innovations and manufacturing excellence in the field of perfumes. The celebration was held at the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, and it is the most prominent event locally and internationally.

Our vision

The beauty of perfume and its effect depends on its ability to infiltrate the feelings and fill them with comfort and joy, so we pursue everything new and perfect its aromatic content from its natural sources, and we also rely on modern techniques to prepare perfumes, so each perfume carries a uniqueness, and gives you momentum and energy of the beauty of the soul and you can with your choices in the elite Oud is the discovery of the moment, as your perfume leaves lasting impressions in the place, and wherever you go, your soul radiates joy and self-pleasure.


Our message

Your unique perfume is present in the "Oud Elite" that we have prepared to suit you, only .. A visit to one of our branches extending in the Kingdom and the Gulf countries, puts you in front of choices from the worlds of luxury and beauty, and you will remain captivated by your perfume to those around you. 

Excellence and creativity

The leadership achieved by the "Oud Elite" company in the Gulf region relied on several foundations and axes, perhaps the most important of which is bringing international expertise, providing the most distinguished products by looking at the latest international methods in preparing perfumes, in addition to studying the Gulf market and identifying the desires and tastes of customers, and the more we achieve achievement and presence In a Gulf country, the customers' trust forced us to more openings and more attendance, until our map of presence included these regions and countries in the Gulf region.